MILF Hunter Review: Mariah the Hot Latina MILF

June 30th, 2006

Mariah from MILF HunterThere’s nothing like a pool party on a hot summer day, especially when it’s packed with hot topless women! The MILF Hunter and his buddy were on their way to said party when they had to stop off to pick up some adult beverages. They ran into this hot Latina MILF named Mariah in the store so naturally they had to invite her to come along. Mariah has a slammin’ body with great tits and a fine ass, not to mention a perfect tan. She was wearing a yellow bikini and there wasn’t a tan line in sight. Just to be sure, I studied over 200 of her photos very closely… nope, no tan lines. Mariah was a real hit at the pool party and it wasn’t long before her and a few of the other babes were dancing around topless. The MILF Hunter could only take so much of that before had to take Mariah inside and up to the bedroom. I’m not sure if Mariah is a professional dancer or what but her perfectly tanned ass never stops moving. Even while Mariah was sucking Sean’s cock, her ass was moving like it had a mind of its own (and a one track mind at that). Mariah is a gorgeous MILF and she is quite the wild one in bed.

This episode features one of the hottest 69 scenes we’ve seen in a MILF Hunter movie in quite some time. After the oral pleasantries, Mariah got on top and rode the Hunter in the reverse cowgirl position. The whole time she was moving and gyrating her hips and ass like a dancer. This Latina MILF really enjoys sex and she couldn’t get enough of the Hunter’s cock. They sex was so wild, I’m surprised they didn’t break the bed. The MILF Hunter even fucked her in his patented piledriver position while she slapped her pussy and played with her clit. Then Mariah got on her knees and gave Sean and two handed handjob, jerking him off until he shot a big load of cum in her mouth. Mariah made sure she extracted every last drop too! This has to be considered an instant classic as far as MILF Hunter movies go and Mariah is one of the hottest Latina MILFs to ever appear in the members section. The movie runs for just over 40 minutes and there’s a huge collection of high quality photos included in this update. Here are a few sample pics and four video clips of the Hunter and Mariah having fun at the pool party. Video clips are in WMV format and are about 4MB each in size. Mariah’s video trailer can be downloaded from the MILF Hunter guest area. Have a great weekend and be on the lookout for pool parties in your neighborhood. You just might score yourself a hot MILF!

MILF Lessons Review: Sunny Day

June 21st, 2006

Sunny Day from MILF LessonsThere’s nothing that brightens up hump day more than a hot busty MILF, especially when her name is Sunny Day! This hot older babe is the latest addition to MILF Lessons and she definitely qualifies as a mom I’d like to fuck! Sunny was in Miami with her husband who happened to be at the races when Preston ran into her. Dude, you don’t let your hot wife wander the streets of Miami when the MILF Lessons crew is around… and they’re always around! Preston started hitting on her and it was obvious she wanted to get laid as she flashed her tits for the camera right there on the sidewalk. As you can see from the pics in the preview section, Sunny has an amazing rack! Some guy walking his dog almost walked into a pole while he was checking out Sunny’s big tits. She also deserves bonus points for wearing a short denim skirt, damn what a pair of legs on this MILF. Preston talked Sunny into going back to the hotel as she was starting to draw a lot of attention from people passing by. Sunny flashed her tits some more as they were on the way to the parking ramp. Who can blame her for wanting to show them off? Sunny also pulled up her skirt and pulled her panties to the side to show off her sweet MILF pussy. Preston wanted to do her right there but he knew Jordan was waiting back at the MILF Lessons pad and he’d probably be pissed if he ended up with sloppy seconds.

Back at the hotel, Sunny really hammed it up for the MILF Lessons camera. She loves showing off her body and it was a huge turn on for her, especially when she started playing with her pussy. You just have to love shaved MILF pussy! After all the masturbating, Sunny was ready for her young stud and Preston brought Jordan in the room. Needless to say, Jordan fully approved of the hot MILF laying spread eagle on the couch. Sunny wasted no time getting his pants down around his ankles then she started teasing his cock through his underwear. When he was good and hard, she started giving him a great no-hands blowjob. All those years of practice paid off as this was one seriously hot POV MILF blowjob. She spent some time sucking on his balls while she was at it. Jordan happily returned the oral favor and having her pussy eaten was driving Sunny through the roof. Her eyes rolled back and she moaned loudly every time Jordan’s tongue flicked across her clit. Sunny couldn’t wait another second to have that big cock inside her so she bent over and Jordan fucked her doggy style. They fucked on the floor for almost ten minutes before Jordan shot a big load of cum all over Sunny’s face and tits. This MILF Lessons movie runs for about 38 minutes and busty brunette MILF fans will definitely want to check this one out. The newer MILF Lessons videos are now higher resolution and available in widescreen. For a sample, you can check out Sunny Day’s video trailer in the guest area. You can also view some sample pics of Sunny showing off her big tits by clicking on her pic above. Enjoy!

Busty Brunette MILF Stephanie Wylde

May 31st, 2006

Stephanie Wylde from MILF HunterNext to redheads, brunettes are my second favorite flavor of MILF, with blondes coming in a close third. I think Stephanie Wylde is one of the hottest busty brunette MILFs to come along in quite some time. I have several DVD’s that feature scenes of Stephanie and I’ve enjoyed them all. In some ways, Stephanie reminds me of some of my favorite pornstars from the late 80′s and early 90′s. Needless to say I was stoked to see Stephanie front and center on the MILF Hunter homepage. You may have noticed that posts on the front page of the old MILF blog here have been somewhat infrequent lately (hopefully that will change soon, time permitting) but if any MILF deserves a post, it’s Stephanie Wylde. This movie starts out with the MILF Hunter and his bud shopping for some supplies at the local party supply store. The first thing they notice is Stephanie standing down the aisle. A tall and curvy brunette MILF with big natural breasts will get the attention of the Hunter every time. Judging from what she was wearing, Stephanie was making no effort to conceal her sexy legs and ample cleavage. She was getting some stuff to throw a party for her daughter but the Hunter had other plans. He poured on the charm and used some of that corny wit of his to convince Stephanie to come back to his place. Stephanie and Sean headed straight for the bedroom when they got to his house. The Hunter pulled up her denim skirt to reveal Stephanie’s incredible ass. She was wearing some sexy thong panties so there was nothing left to the imagination. MILF asses just don’t come much nicer than this. Next it was on to her incredible all natural breasts. I’m not sure of the size but they must be at least DD’s.

The Hunter started sucking on her nipples and it was obviously making Stephanie horny. Next thing you know, the rest of Stephanie’s clothes are on the floor and she’s standing there completely naked with perfect curves no matter where you look. Ms. Wylde got on her knees and started giving the Hunter a blowjob. It lasted several minutes and you can tell how much Stephanie enjoys giving head just by how enthusiastic she is. She also smothered his cock with her large breasts for a hot titty fucking scene. The Hunter got on the couch and had Stephanie sit her shaved MILF pussy down on his hard cock. She bounced up and down in the reverse cowgirl position for a while before turning around to face him and smothering his face with her huge boobs. Stephanie is one of those MILFs that’s really loud when she’s having sex and judging from the video, she had at least two orgasms while she was riding the MILF Hunter’s cock. They moved onto the bed for a hot missionary scene then it was back to the couch for some doggy style action where she had yet another orgasm. After pounding Stephanie from behind, the MILF Hunter was ready to blow his load and he gave her a nice facial. Of course she sucked out every last drop! Stephanie Wylde’s MILF Hunter movie runs for 30 minutes and her update includes well over 100 pics. Here’s a gallery with four MILF Hunter video clips from Stephanie’s episode. The video clips are in WMV format and are about 1 minute long. There’s also some pics of Stephanie in the MILF Hunter section. This was a great MILF Hunter episode and one my favorite Stephanie Wylde performances so don’t miss it if you’re a fan. Cheers!

MILF Lessons Preview: Nessa

April 5th, 2006

Nessa from MILF LessonsHappy Hump Day! If you’ve been checking out the updates on the right, I’m sure you’ve noticed that another hot redhead MILF has found her way into the MILF Lessons member’s area. Regular visitors should be well aware by now that redhead is my favorite flavor of MILF. I normally prefer an all natural redhead MILF and have never really cared for the dye jobs but I’m going to have to make an exception for Nessa. She may not have been born a redhead (she does have the telltale freckles, so who’s to say?) but with her attitude, she should have been. Nessa is quite bossy and she has a very feisty and flirtatious personality which are trademarks of every redhead I’ve ever known. Nessa is the type of MILF that doesn’t beat around the bush. She’ll make sure you know exactly what she wants and you’d better be paying attention. As a matter of fact, one of the first things Nessa said when she showed up for her MILF Lessons interview was, “I have the pussy so I make the rules.” I think she may have a point there!

As Cezar started to make some small talk, Nessa showed off her incredible breasts and started fingering herself on the couch. She wasn’t interested in conversation, she just wanted the young stud she had been promised. Bobby finally showed up and not a minute too soon. He was barely in the door when Nessa was on her knees and giving head like only a MILF can. Nessa made sure she got Bobby good and hard before she bent over on the couch and let him take over. Bobby put the wood to her in several different positions and Nessa was a wild ride from beginning to end. Like most redheads, Nessa loves to get vocal when she’s getting drilled and she wasn’t shy about telling Bobby what to do and how to do it. Nessa also got a nice load in her mouth at the end of this episode… at her request, of course! Nessa’s MILF Lessons movie runs for just over twenty-six minutes and it can be downloaded from the member’s area in .MPG and .WMV formats. I’d rate this as one of my favorite recent MILF Lessons updates. It ranks right up there with the episodes featuring Riley Brooks and Ms. Saskia Steele. Here are ten sample pics taken from Nessa’s episode. The video trailer for this update can be downloaded from Nessa’s MILF Lessons profile. Enjoy!

MILF Hunter Video Clips: Leesa

March 15th, 2006

Leesa from MILF HunterI’m way overdue to get back on track with the MILF previews here and I figured one of my favorite recent MILF Hunter episodes would be a good place to start. Busty brunettes are one of my favorite flavors of MILF, second only to those sexy older redheads. The MILF Hunter has been on a tear with the hot older blondes lately so it was nice to see a curvaceous and sexy brunette like Leesa thrown in for good measure. I’m sure this will come as a shocker but the MILF Hunter tends to go through a lot of sheets. It’s just one of the prices he has to pay for being a manwhore when it comes to older women (and judging from some of the fine ass he get’s, it’s worth every penny). So it was off to the local bed and bath to grab some new bedding while trying not to look too gay in the process. The MILF Hunter wasn’t in the store long when he saw noticed one of the other customers wandering around and she just happened to be a drop dead gorgeous MILF. She had on a tight red top that was working overtime to contain her impressive breasts and she was also wearing a tight pair of worn out jeans that were covering what was quite obviously a perfect ass. When she noticed the Hunter was having trouble finding what needed, she introduced herself as Leesa and asked if she could be of assistance. Talk about a loaded question. After Sean had everything he needed, he convinced Leesa to come back to his place to help break in the new sheets.

When they got to The Hunter’s place, the first thing Leesa did was give him a hard time about the painting hanging over his bed. After a few minutes of making the bed and a few freudian slips such as “sticking it in” and “flipping it around”, The MILF Hunter and Leesa were putting the new sheets to the test (right after she made him take down the painting). He unbuttoned Leesa’s jeans to discover that she doesn’t believe in wearing panties. Next it was off with the top to unleash Leesa’s huge breasts. Having the Hunter suck on her nipples was making Leesa so horny that she got on her knees and went down on him. Leesa certainly does love to give head and it appears that she doesn’t even have a gag reflex. Leesa and the Hunter followed up the blowjob with a nice 69 scene before she got on top and rode him for a good ten minutes. There was also plenty of doggy style and side by side action in Leesa’s MILF Hunter video. The Hunter wasn’t about to stain his brand new sheets and Leesa was begging for it on the face anyways… everyone’s a winner! She made sure she got every last drop too! Leesa’s full length MILF Hunter movie runs for just over 40 minutes and her update comes with over 150 high quality pics. As you’ll see in the video, Leesa is a bit on the wild side when it comes to sex and brunette MILF lovers will definitely want to check out this episode. Here are 6 MILF Hunter video clips from Leesa’s update. The clips are in MPG format and are just under 1MB each in size. Leesa’s video trailer is still available for download on the front page of MILF Hunter.