Jenny McCarthy in FHM

I was pleasantly surprised to see my August issue of FHM sitting in my mailbox today. I was even happier to see Jenny McCarthy on the cover wearing nothing more than a garden hose and a bikini bottom. Click the image on the right for the larger version, names and addresses have been changed to protect the innocent ;) . Other than finding Jenny to be very attractive, I can’t say that I’ve ever been a big fan of hers. After reading her FHM interview, that has changed. She was posed some interesting questions and was very candid in her answers. You’ve got to love it when celebrities answer honestly instead of feeling they have to be “PC”. Among discussing her current projects, Jenny also talks openly about her relationship with her husband John Asher (aka lucky bastard ;) ) and some of her views on sex and sexuality. She even goes so far as to admit she enjoys watching amateur porn, claiming “it’s fan-fucking-tastic”. It’ll be a cold day in hell before most celebs would ever say something like that. So way to go Jenny, you have a new fan, not that you needed any more :D . The entire interview and pictorial spans 8 pages and the August issue is definitely worth picking it up if you see it on the newsstand. Despite the many ads it contains I like FHM and for under ten bucks for a year’s subscription, I thinks it’s well worth it. Head over to FHM’s website (may have pop-ups) for a slide show of Jenny’s pictorial. Of course they’ve got some other hotties as well.

As far as what she’s been up to lately, you may remember I made a post about her show “The Bad Girls Guide” a while back. She also has a new movie coming out titled Dirty Love. The story revolves around a woman that’s been betrayed by her boyfriend and decides to go in search of her true love. Apprently hilarity ensues. Carmen Electra co-stars in the movie :D . I haven’t been able to find a trailer or even a release date but as soon as I find out more info, you’ll be the second to know. The movie premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and recieved some praise so I’m looking forward to it.

TGIF, have a good weekend and all that stuff. Cheers!

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