Happy Valentines Day?

February 14th, 2006

More like Happy Steak and BJ Day! Really ladies, is it too much to ask? We’d do it for you if the shoe was on the other foot. Seriously though, Happy Valentine’s Day and I hope none of forgot to get something nice for your significant other or a steak and a BJ will definitely be out of the question. Regular visitors may have noticed some changes here at MILF Blogger lately. On the right you’ll see a list of the latest updates to keep you abreast (ahem) of the latest MILFs to hit the net. The list will be updated at least a few times every week. I hope to be adding more video previews in the near future as well. I’m also in the process of adding a voluntary content rating to the site. I’ll be using a system developed by the Internet Content Rating Association so you may want to check the content settings on your browser if you have problems accessing the site. If you’re using Internet Explorer, Microsoft has a page dedicated to content advisor settings you may want to take a look at. Cheers!

MILF Lessons Preview: Jacquelin

January 20th, 2006

Jacquelin from MILF LessonsTGIF! A bit overdue for an update here so I thought I’d post a preview of one of the recent MILF Lessons additions. Her name is Jacquelin and she’s an older redhead MILF. Considering she’s 48 years old and her daughter is 30, Jacquelin could even be a GILF! Regardless of her age, she has a smoking hot body and she loves to party. Donny met her at a club and got her number. Jacquelin told him that she has a sexual fantasy in which she gets laid by a guy younger than her daughter. So right away, Donny knew she was a freak. Donny hooked up with Cezar the next morning and gave Jacquelin a ring. Her daughter was at the beach and Jacquelin was eager to hook up. Cezar and Donny high-tailed it over to Jacquelin’s place before she changed her mind. She was wearing a light blue tank top and a sexy denim skirt when the guys showed up. Either the air conditioning was cranked or Jacquelin was horny as hell because her hard nipples were showing though her tank top quite nicely, I’m assuming the latter. After checking her out, Cezar couldn’t believe that Jacquelin was pushing 50. She really does have a nicely preserved body for her age, or even for a 30 year old for that matter. Jacquelin was so eager to get with Donny she wasn’t really bothered by the camera. She told the guys that as long as she got a copy, it’s all good.

Jacquelin made some small talk with Cezar while she sat on the bed but it was obvious that she wanted to cut to the chase. Cezar barely finished asking her if she wanted to get started when off came the tank top, skirt and panties. Next on the agenda was Donny’s pant’s. Jacquelin had them down around his ankles and was going down on him before Donny knew what happened. Jacquelin told Donny he’s got the biggest dick she’s ever seen but you’d never know it considering what an incredible blowjob she gave him. Jacquelin must have sat in the front row during Oral Sex 101 or maybe it’s all those years of experience. After going down on him, Jacquelin had Donny lay on the bed while she got on top and rode him like she hadn’t had sex in a month. She was getting off on Donny’s size as she rode him harder and harder. Jacquelin wasn’t content to just be on top, though. She wanted that big member in every position she could get it, including missionary and doggy style. Jacquelin is such a freaky MILF when it comes to sex, she’d have no problem keeping up with any young stud and she really put Donny through the paces. The entire MILF Lessons video is about 24 minutes long and I’m sure fans of older MILFs will enjoy this one. Here’s a link to four video clips from Jacquelin’s MILF Lessons episode. The video clips are little under a megabyte each and are of a lower resolution than the full length movie. The video trailer for this episode can be downloaded from Jacquelin’s MILF Lessons profile page. Have a great weekend!

MILF Hunter Preview: Selena

December 27th, 2005

Selena from MILF HunterI hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas/Holiday season. The updates here at the old MILF blog haven’t been as frequent as I’d like but I do have a preview of a hot blonde MILF for you guys today. Selena is one of the latest MILF Hunter conquests and what a find she was. This episode started off with the MILF Hunter grabbing some lunch with his bud. The Hunter always seems to be eating at the start of these episodes. I’m starting to think he doesn’t like to go MILF hunting on an empty stomach. Selena walks right past the diner and the MILF Hunter popped his head out the door to get her attention before she got too far. It turns out that Selena is an acquaintance of the MILF Hunter and she works near by. After he finished his lunch, the Hunter and his bud head over to the perfume shop to pay Selena a visit. This MILF has a body to die for and a pretty face to boot. She was dressed very provocatively in what amounted to a bikini top and a sexy skirt. Selena wasn’t really showing off any cleavage but it was obvious that she had very nice breasts. The MILF Hunter poured on the charm and Selena was very warm and flirtatious. She even got the Hunter to try some perfume. He sprayed it down his pants in hopes that Selena would want to check it out and she took the bait. This MILF was turning out to be some easy prey. Selena was about to get off work and she invited the MILF Hunter back to her place.

Selena poured them a drink when they got to her apartment. The MILF Hunter hadn’t even finished half of his drink when he had Selena’s top off and was sucking on her nipple. Selena has a gorgeous pair of tits and having her nipples sucked on was making her horny as hell. Off came the skirt and the thong panties. Selena has an absolutely incredible body. This MILF must hit the gym on a daily basis. She went down on the MILF Hunter until he was as hard as a rock and then she started riding him reverse cowgirl style. Selena looked hot as hell as she bounced her ass up and down on the Hunter. Selena turned around to face him and she continued to ride him like crazy. She was constantly moaning with pleasure every time the Hunter thrust deep into her pussy. She was so into the sex that she completely forgot about the camera. Selena and the Hunter continued having sex on the couch for a good twenty minutes in a few different positions, including missionary and doggy style. Selena got a nice load all over her beautiful tits courtesy of the MILF Hunter to bring this episode to a close. Selena’s full length MILF Hunter movie is about 35 minutes long and her update also includes over 160 photos. The video trailer is no longer available on the front page but here’s a preview gallery with 6 MILF Hunter video clips from Selena’s episode. Of course, the full length movie can be downloaded from the member’s area of MILF Hunter.

I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Years and a great 2006. For those of you that will be out and about celebrating New Year’s Eve, I hope you have a great time and most importantly, please be safe! Cheers!

MILF Seeker Preview: Bailey

December 12th, 2005

Bailey from MILF SeekerWelcome to another busty redhead MILF preview, my favorite flavor. Bailey is a recent addition to the MILF Seeker member’s area. This sexy redhead MILF was just sitting outside a shopping plaza minding her own business. Considering she was wearing a tight pink dress that showed off her impressive cleavage, Bailey wasn’t exactly trying to fly underneath the radar. When the MILF Seeker crew spotted her from across the parking lot, they were like moths to a flame. The guys gave Bailey some spiel about doing a documentary about aspiring actresses and asked her if she was there for the acting classes. She wasn’t there for the classes but Bailey was very friendly and it was obvious from the way that she was flirting with the guys that this was going to be an easy MILF Seeker conquest. They continued to chat and Bailey told the guys that she was a single divorced mother of two. Of course this was music to their ears. They offered Bailey a part in their documentary and although she had a good idea of what they were after, she played the naive MILF. Hanging out with some young studs for the afternoon sounded like a good time to Bailey so she agreed to go back to the “studio” with them. The guys got a good look at Bailey’s ass when she got up to walk to the car and what an incredible ass it was. This MILF has curves in all the right places. The guys spilled the beans on the way back to the house. They told Bailey all about MILF Seeker and their quest to help MILFs in need. Bailey liked the looks of Chris and Andrew and told the guys she was down for doing a MILF Seeker episode of her own.

They weren’t even back at the MILF Seeker headquarters for two minutes before Bailey had the top of her dress pulled down and was showing off her incredible breasts. The guys immediately gave those big knockers plenty of attention. Bailey finished taking off her dress and ditched the panties as well. This busty redhead MILF has a very nice body. Bailey got on her knees and started giving the guys head, stroking one off while she was sucking on the other. Bailey couldn’t wait to receive some oral attention for herself and she really started to get off when one of the guys went down on her. Her moans of pleasure went through the roof when he started to screw her wet pussy. Bailey ended up getting the full MILF Seeker tag team treatment. Chris and Andrew did her in just about every position imaginable on that bed and Bailey loved every minute of it. They even nailed this hot redhead MILF in the pile driver position. Bailey got two nice facials courtesy of the MILF Seeker studs to finish off this episode. It’s safe to say this is the best afternoon Bailey has had in a long time. It sure beats the hell out of shopping for shoes. Bailey’s MILF Seeker movie runs for just over 40 minutes and there are well over 200 pics of this busty redhead in the MILF Seeker member’s area. This MILF was one wild ride and redhead MILF fans surely won’t be disappointed. Here’s a preview gallery featuring 20 sample pics from Bailey’s episode. Her video trailer is available for download on the front page of the MILF Seeker website.

MILF Cruiser Preview: Vanessa

November 30th, 2005

Vanessa from MILF CruiserHappy HumpDay! Today we have a preview of a busty redhead MILF named Vanessa from MILF Cruiser. Vanessa played the role of your typical damsel in distress. The guys were just driving around in the MILF Cruiser when they spotted her. No sexy redhead MILF as hot as Vanessa that’s stranded alongside the road in a sporty convertible is going to escape the attention of the MILF Cruisers. Vanessa was calling for help on her cell phone as the guys pulled up. This redhead MILF was stacked to the hilt and her low cut, skin tight dress left almost nothing to the imagination. The MILF Cruiser guys knew they had scored bigtime and after a half hearted attempt to fix her car, they offered Vanessa a ride. She gladly accepted the ride as she sure as hell wasn’t walking very far in those high heels. Everyone hopped in the MILF Cruiser and off they went. Vanessa became very seductive when she spotted the camera. Considering the way she was dressed and the fact that she was out cruising around in her convertible, it’s safe to assume this sexy redhead MILF was out looking for young stud to spend the afternoon with. Luckily for her, she found two.

Vanessa was teasing the guys in the back seat of the MILF Cruiser. Her Spanish accent added even more to her incredible sex appeal. The guys wanted a look at her impressive breasts but Vanessa was playing hard to get at first… but not too hard to get. She pulled down the straps on her dress and let the MILF Cruiser stud have a peek at one of her hard nipples. Before long, her top was completely off and Vanessa was going down on the guy in the back seat of the MILF Cruiser. As is the case with most MILFs, Vanessa is a real pro in the oral sex department. The guys talked her into an encore performance when they got back to the house. Vanessa has an insatiable appetite for sex and wasn’t happy with just one of the MILF Cruiser guys, she wanted to be tag teamed. The MILF Cruiser studs certainly weren’t going to argue with her. Vanessa got on her knees and proceeded to give them both incredible blowjobs. One of the guys bent Vanessa over and started screwing her from behind while she continued to suck the other guy off. The MILF Cruiser guys took turns banging Vanessa in different positions on the couch while she continued to provide the oral pleasure for the one that wasn’t working her hot, wet snatch. At the end of this MILF Cruiser episode, Vanessa got two nice loads on her face and breasts which put a big smile on her face. The result of Vanessa’s quest for some afternoon delight had far exceeded her expectations. The entire MILF Cruiser movie runs for about 56 minutes and is available exclusively to MILF Cruiser members. This update also comes with well over 200 high quality pics of this hot redhead MILF. Here is Vanessa’s MILF Cruiser gallery preview featuring 15 sample pics from her episode. Vanessa’s video trailer can be downloaded from the MILF Cruiser guest area. Cheers!