MILF Lessons Review: Monique Fuentes

November 7th, 2005

Monique from MILF LessonsI had to dig back quite a ways into the MILF Lessons archives for this preview. Monique Fuentes is easily one of my favorite MILFs from the MILF Lessons members area. I find older Latina women tend to be very sexy and when they’re as gorgeous as Monique, what’s not to love? Monique has a pretty face and a figure that won’t quit. Throw in a hearty appetite for sex and you have one hot piece of Latina MILF ass on your hands. The first time I saw Monique Fuentes in action was when I rented the MILF Lessons #1 DVD which I promptly purchased after viewing. Considering the DVD also contained Misty’s episode, adding it to my collection was a no brainer. I recommend you do the same. Back to Monique’s preview. When Monique showed up for her interview at the MILF Lessons office, her english was sketchy at best. She was wearing the typical sexy office MILF business attire, a short skirt with a slit up the side and a suit jacket that was showing off her impressive cleavage quite nicely. It was going to be easy to overlook the fact that she could barely speak english. Monique took a seat in the chair and it was impossible not to stare at her incredible legs. Long, sexy and perfectly tanned. Legs so perfect it would be a shame to cover them with stockings. As the MILF Lessons interviewer and Monique were discussing the job description, the subject of sex toys and videos came up. This was starting to make Monique very horny. She became quite flirtatious and started coming on to him.

Monique unbuttoned her suit jacket to show off her incredible breasts and she also pulled up her skirt to prove she has the ass to match. This MILF has a stunning body that any 20 year old babe green with envy. The boss quickly called the MILF Lessons assistant into the office. His eyes popped wide open when he saw Monique was bare breasted and sitting on the boss’s desk. Monique took a liking to him right away. She started playing grabass with him and before you know it, she had his pants down around his ankles and was giving him a blowjob. After a lenghty oral session, Monique and the assistant got down and dirty and had some hot sex in the office. They screwed on the chair, the desk and the couch, nothing was off limits. This MILF had worked herself into a frenzy and she wanted satisfaction. As is typical with a horny MILF, Monique was very demanding and vocal during sex. The MILF Lessons office assistant was more than happy to follow her orders and he even gave Monique a nice facial at her request. The entire MILF Lessons movie is 25 minutes long. It’s a must see for any office MILF fan and hot Latina MILF lovers will especially enjoy this video. Hopefully we’ll see Monique Fuentes make an encore appearance at MILF Lessons soon. Some sample pics from this episode are available in Monique’s MILF Lessons gallery preview. You’ll also want to check out her video trailer which can be downloaded from Monique’s MILF Lessons profile page. Ciao!

MILF Hunter Preview: Devon

November 2nd, 2005

Devon from MILF HunterI always love it when the MILF Hunter hooks up with a redhead MILF, especially when she has a perfectly aged body like Devon. This episode started off with the MILF Hunter and his buddy were walking the streets of Miami on a hot afternoon. They were a bit parched and decided to stop into a small liqour and wine shop to grab a beer. Devon was behind the counter and she greeted the guys with her pretty smile. Devon directed the MILF Hunter to the beer cooler and he grabbed a nice cold bottle of Guiness. I knew there was something I liked about this guy. I mean besides the fact that he nails a hot new MILF on a weekly basis. After Devon opened his beer for him and came out from behind the counter, the Hunter realized this MILF was too fine to pass up. She had on a fairly short skirt and she has some gorgeous legs that are perfectly tanned. Considering Devon was so friendly and outgoing, it seemed like this MILF would be easy prey for the Hunter. As a matter of fact, after Devon offered the MILF Hunter a wine sample, she agreed to have a drink with him right there in the store. The MILF Hunter poured on the charm and convinced Devon to come back to his place so that they could share a bottle of wine.

Devon and the MILF Hunter walked back to his house and they were all over each other as soon as they sat down on the couch. The MILF Hunter pulled Devon’s shirt down to get a better look at her large breasts. He started licking her nipples and it was making Devon very horny. Devon spread her legs and the MILF Hunter started to finger her. Devon decided it was time to get out of her clothes. She was wearing a very sexy black bra and matching panties. Devon has an incredible body. She’s the consumate busty redhead MILF with long sexy legs. The MILF Hunter proceeded to perform oral on Devon and she was more than happy to return the favor. They spent a few minutes in the 69 position getting each other very worked up and they ended up screwing on the couch for the rest of this episode. As can be expected with a redhead MILF, the sex was very intense. They did it in several different positions and Devon seems to love being on top. No matter what position they were in, Devon looked hot as hell. The entire MILF Hunter movie is over 30 minutes long and this update includes plenty of large photos of all the action. Heres Devon’s MILF Hunter gallery preview featuring 15 sample pics of this hot readhead MILF. Devon’s video trailer can be downloaded from the front page of the MILF Hunter website. Enjoy!

MILF Cruiser Preview: Alison

October 26th, 2005

Alison from MILF CruiserTodays preview features another stunning brunette MILF. This time it’s Alison from MILF Cruiser. Don’t bother trying to guess her age because you’ll most likely be wrong. Alison is 47 years old and she has an absolutely pristine MILF body. The MILF Cruiser guys were cruising the industrial park around noon in hopes of catching a hot MILF soaking up some rays on her lunch break. As soon as they saw Alison, they knew the had found their MILF for today. Alison’s icredible figure caught their eye and her pretty face and sexy long dark hair sealed the deal. The MILF Cruiser guys chatted Alison up while she was walking down the sidewalk and she seemed friendly enough. Alison asked about the camera and the guys brushed it off as being part of a project they were working on. If she only knew. Alison told the guys she was dropped off for work but she didn’t have a ride home. When they offered her a ride home in the MILF Cruiser, she didn’t hesitate for a second. It’s safe to say that Alison was looking for a little afternoon delight.

Alison wasted no time in flirting with the MILF Cruiser guys. They praised Alison’s breasts and when she told them they look much better in the buff, they called her on it. Alison took off her top to prove she wasn’t kidding. She has an amazing pair of breasts. The MILF Cruiser guys were very impressed but this MILF was just getting started. Alison had her hand down the pants of the guy in the back seat of the MILF Cruiser and before you know it, she was going down on him. Luckily enough, Alison’s husband wasn’t home when they got to the house. Alison had only gotten started in the back of the MILF Cruiser and she still had sex on her mind. They sat down on the couch and Alison picked up where she left off. Soon the MILF Cruiser stud and Alison were in the 69 position and she was giving this guy an incredible hummer. They had some intense sex on the couch and Alison looked amazing no matter what postion they were in. Alison is a naughty MILF and she loves to talk dirty. She kept begging for it harder and harder. Alison wanted his load on her face and he was more than happy to grant that wish. When Alison got a nice load all over her face and breasts, it brought a big smile to her face. The hi-res MILF Cruiser movie for this episode runs for 65 minutes and the pictorial includes 199 large pics of this hot brunette MILF. Here’s a preview gallery of Alison’s MILF Cruiser episode. The video trailer can be downloaded from the MILF Cruiser guest area.

MILF Lessons Preview: Jolie

October 20th, 2005

Jolie from MILF LessonsJolie is a stunning brunette beauty and one of the latest MILFs to be added to the MILF Lessons archives. The MILF Lessons crew was scouting out the Design District in Miami, looking for a sofa. Caesar recalled running into a hot MILF named Jolie a couple weeks ago in one of the furniture stores and he just had to introduce her to his bro Donny in hopes that a MILF Lessons episode would ensue. He dialed her up at the store to make sure she was working. Jolie answered the phone and after Caesar flirted with her a bit, he told her that they’d be right over. Jolie was standing outside the store when the MILF Lessons crew arrived. Jolie was wearing a tight white skirt with a slit up the side and a low cut top. Donny was impressed by her sexy legs and incredible cleavage. They talked Jolie into coming back to their place so she could help them pick out a sofa. They made some small talk on the way back to the house. Jolie told the guys that she’s been in interior design for the last few years and when she asked Caesar what he did for a living, he replied with, “I shoot porn”. Surprisingly enough, Jolie was totally unphased by his statement. She actually found it to be a turn on. Jolie told the guys she’s always fantasized about what it would be like to be in porn. Things were looking promising for a MILF Lessons episode featuring Jolie.

Jolie’s main concern was that the video would get out and she’d lose her job. Caesar told her that if she was good, she wouldn’t need her day job any more. He proposed that they do a test run just to see if she liked it and Jolie agreed. Once Jolie puts her mind to something it’s full steam ahead. Back at the house she had no interest in helping the guys pick out a sofa. She wanted to get started on her new career. Jolie was really coming on to Donny and she wanted to go down on him in the worst way. Caesar wanted to check out Jolie in the buff first so she stripped down for the guys. Jolie has an incredible body. She’s very busty with beautiful large breasts and she also has a fine ass. However, one of her most notable features is her eyes. Jolie has very sexy green eyes and they really give her that seductive temptress look. After Jolie got done showing off her hot body, she couldn’t keep her hands off of Donny any longer. She went down on him and gave him an incredible blowjob. They followed that up with an incredible sex scene on the couch. Several positions later, Jolie ended up with a huge load on her face and breasts. She really got into screwing Donny and this MILF loves to talk dirty. If this was Jolie’s pornstar audition, she passed with flying colors. Jolie’s MILF Lessons video runs for approximately twenty-eight minutes. Lovers of busty brunette MILFs won’t be disappointed with this one. For a few sample pics, check out Jolie’s MILF Lessons gallery preview. Jolie’s video trailer can be downloaded from her MILF Lessons profile page. Highly recommended. Cheers!

MILF Hunter Preview: Kylee

October 16th, 2005

Kylee from MILF HunterThis MILF Hunter episode is proof positive that you never know where you’re going to run into a sexy MILF. The MILF Hunter had to drop of some clothes at the dry cleaners and lo’ and behold he followed a hot dirty blonde MILF in the door. Her name was Kylee and she was polite but still a little standoffish at first. Kylee was stopping by to pick up her clothes but she graciously let the MILF Hunter go ahead of her. The MILF Hunter did a bit off flirting with Kylee as he was working out the details of his dry cleaning with the clerk. She still wasn’t biting. As they were leaving the drycleaners, the MILF Hunter managed to sweet talk Kylee into an afternoon drink at his place. Kylee agreed to follow him home for a drink but the MILF Hunter held her clothes hostage just in case. Back at the house, The MILF Hunter poured Kylee a stiff one and they hung out by the pool. The MILF Hunter also poured on the charm and managed to get Kylee to show off her breasts after he commented on how hard her nipples were. Kylee has fairly long nipples, slightly longer than your typical pencil eraser nipples.The combination of flashing her tits and drinking a vodka and cranberry had Kylee in a playful mood.

The MILF Hunter and Kylee decided to get out of the hot afternoon sun and went inside. They sat down on the couch and Kylee started showing off her breasts again. The MILF Hunter was all over those sexy long nipples, sucking on them and playing with them. This was making Kylee quite horny and she started groping at the MILF Hunter’s crotch. He took off his shorts and Kylee wasted no time getting on her knees and giving the MILF Hunter some oral pleasure. She claimed to have magic lips and after this scene I don’t think anyone will argue with her. A few minutes later Kylee stripped down to her birthday suit and the MILF Hunter finally got a look at her nice ass that had been concealed by her jeans until now. With her large breasts and round ass, Kylee is a very curvaceous MILF and everything is in nice proportion. She couldn’t wait to have the MILF Hunter inside her. Kylee straddled the Hunter and rode him on the couch. She moaned loudly as he thrust deep inside her. They had sex in several different positions and Kylee obviously enjoyed all of them as she continued to moan loudly and beg for more. The MILF Hunter gave Kylee a nice facial at the end of this episode. Kylee’s full length MILF Hunter movie is over thirty minutes long and this update includes over 100 photos of this dirty blonde MILF. For some sample pics, check out Kylee’s MILF Hunter gallery preview. Kylee’s video trailer can be downloaded from the front page of the MILF Hunter website.