Week in Review

A quick reminder that Depserate Housewives returns tonight with a new episode and not a moment too soon. Five weeks is far too long to make MILF lovers wait for the hotness of Wisteria Lane. At least give us a MILF patch or something. Speaking of Desperate Housewives, Teri Hatcher was featured on the cover of a recent issue of Time magazine. The beginning of the related article is available online but you’ll have to subscribe to read the complete story.

Earlier in the week I mentioned Sandra Bullock’s interview on the Daily Show. The video of the interview is now available in the Daily Show’s celebrity interview section. It’s definitely worth a watch if you’re a fan of Sandra. Some of the Daily Show videos require you to have Real Player installed. I recommend using Real Alternative for people who would rather not install Real Player. Real Alternative is much less invasive and works very well.

I managed to catch the premier of “Chasing Farrah” (earlier post) thanks to my Tivo. The jury is still out on this show as far as I’m concerned. Considering the first episode was mostly about the creation of the show, it’s hard to tell where this thing is headed. Farrah still looks good though and her nipples are still rockin’ :twisted: .

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